Leadership is influence.

- John C. Maxwell


Meet our leadership team

Athi Narayanan K
Athi Narayanan K
Athi Narayanan is a successful entrepreneur who possesses energy and knowledge of the business world. With entrepreneurship running in his veins, his business experience combined with the energy of the young and dynamic crew at Yaazh studio balances the environment. He also proves to the world that education is not the only way to be successful.

A motto that he believes and follows to this day is “Your action is the one which is going to define who you are”
Arun Kannan
Like his father, Arun Kannan is a born entrepreneur who created Yaazh Studio. He believes that education should produce good human beings rather than robots. After completing his B.Tech in PSNA College of Engineering and Technology, Arun decided that he would start Yaazh studio and will take on the challenges and change the world. His friends know him as a preserverent articulator and a dreamer who possess a can-do attitude.

His personal motto : “A True leader always inspires and takes the team forward towards the goal”.
Arun Kannan
UI/UX Designer & Support Team Leader
A born artist, Aparna is a B.Tech graduate who loves fun and manages to integrate it into work in all possible ways. She never takes no for an answer and confronts a situation or an issue with a positive attitude. Apart from designing aesthetic screens and workflows, she also handles the 24/7 support team and is a valued member at Yaazh studio.

Her motto : “Creativity is not something with which you're born rather than it needs to be developed”
Senthil Chandran
Digital Marketing Team Lead
A man who did his MSC digital marketing, Northumbria university and Interned at London school of business. Now raging to move our impact on all our Social Media handling. He is a Youtuber with more than 1300 subscribers creating his impact on the emerging society on digital Marketing. He believes that even good things need marketing to get it's worth

His motto: “Don't fear criticism fear stagnation“
Senthil Chandran


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