About us

Yaazh is a creative technology consulting firm whose focus is to help entrepreneurs, start-ups & businesses succeed with their technology solutions. We develop an e-commerce portal or a quirky mobile application idea or a comprehensive enterprise mobility solution for corporate clients.

Our Process
1. Discover

Understand ideas, scope the project, curate and deploy our workflow

2. Design

Variety of designs that are of global standards

3. Development

To ensure no flaws are detected, development and rigorous testing goes hand in hand

4. Marketing

We recommend the best marketing strategy for our clients to present to the world

Why Us?

At Yaazh, we are all about the customer's experience. We design simple, compelling, and functional prototypes that make it easy for the clients to quickly get an idea how their product will look like in real-time and find out exactly what they really want. It’s about creating an experience that transforms potential customers into our family.

As you can see, we have a straightforward work process implemented in our work culture. We sit down with you and discuss what your idea is and how it solves the customer issues and then we take it from there. We do this by listening to you, understanding your requirements, and putting our extensive knowledge and technical skills to work. At Yaazh studio we have a well structured team who are dedicated and make sure that your idea is the best and one of a kind.


So that's us. There's
no other way to put it.