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Data Analytics

As social media and online usage increases, so does the need for real-time data analytics. To understand what the customer wants, needs and how they feel about a certain product or service helps business to improve their game. Social media and other digital marketing tools are the keys to understand the human mind.

Understanding the behaviour of the user and the advanced digital space, data insights help in changing the way businesses are performing with better decisions and creating bigger impact.

What happens in Yaazh studio is the following

  1. Identifying areas that need attention for better insights.
  2. Using big data to understand customer behaviour and preferences.
  3. Implement better decisions for better results and enhanced efficiency.

With the data insights collected from various sources and digital campaigns, we analyse it and give our clients the real business leverage and recommendations to target their audience.

Why is data analytics so important?

It is a necessity to understand how the target audience thinks of your product or service. This helps in building a customer demographic base - a complete picture of the customer which has age, location, their likes and dislikes etc.


With this kind of insights, it will be beneficial to any business to decide what kind of marketing campaigns can be utilized for each customer demographic base and allow them to really target their audience.

Apart from customer demographic, it can also be used to help in refining and improving campaigns, where it is marketed, frequency of the engagements. These data insights will help in cost saving and also help which social media channels work for them.

Using techniques such as predictive analytics, it helps businesses to make data-driven decisions and predict which product or service will become in demand. As trends emerge quickly in the market, businesses can look at these data such as sharing online reviews and get an insight on what might become the next ‘big thing’

How to work with data analytics

An equal and balanced analytical techniques
Fill in the gaps
Use and act on what is derived from the data

Benefits of using data analytics in your business:

Ability to make faster, more informed business decisions, backed up by facts
Deeper understanding of customer requirements which, in turn, builds better business relationships
Increased awareness of risk, enabling the implementation of preventative measures
Improved flexibility and greater capability in order to react to change - both within the business and the market
Better insight into the financial performance of the business
Proven to reduce costs and therefore increase profit

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