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Content Strategy

The objective of every client is to drive profitable customer action. In order to do that, one must create a relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clear defined audience. To create such content, a strategic marketing approach must be taken.

The goal of content strategy is to deliver consistent and valuable information to buyers and in return, we will be rewarded with business and customer loyalty.

“Marketing is impossible without great content”

Where ever we go, we see ads in many social platforms. One must know that quality content is one of the key factors in attracting the customers.

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Social media strategy
Inbound marketing
Content strategy

So why is content marketing and strategy needed for one’s business?

Content drives purchases
Basing our buying decisions while shopping online or researching for offline products
Syndicated content drives purchases
Content marketing strategy is much broader than your site though, and includes content on social networks, online publishers, com- parison sites, blogs and many other types of site which help engagement and influence sales
User generated content drives purchases
At this era, our purchasing decisions have evolved. Today’s generation prefer reading opinions and reviews from other users and social media platforms to make well informed buying decisions. Buyers use this type of content to help in their decision making
Content on a range of platforms drives purchases
As technology evolves, the strategies in digital marketing and content marketing evolves as well

Here’s how we put together a digital content marketing strategy at Yaazh Studio.

Once it is put to practise, we can help you understand and measure your data analytics and give recommendations on where to improve them.


Content strategy is all about

Native advertising
Branded content
Inbound marketing
Product marketing
Public relations
Social media
Influencer marketing

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